3 Ways to Keep Your Book Top of Mind


Written by: Lora LeFhae

Lora is a creative writer, copywriter, and web designer. She loves to work with spiritually oriented entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business helping them find the write message for the right audience.

Marketing to Keep Your Book Top of Mind

This may come as a surprise to you, but while your book may be top of mind for you, trust me, it isn’t for others, and in fact, they probably don’t even remember you have a book.

We are all mega-busy, and stretched six ways from Sunday, all of us!  However, there is something you can do to remedy this.

Marketing your book should always be top of mind for you. Not only to keep the face of your book fresh but also to engage and inform your readers, and potential readers.

Hyperlink Your Email Signature

Think about it, how many times, and ways, do you communicate with potential readers every day? Email may come to mind. How many emails do you send each day? Even if you think the people you are emailing already know about your book, don’t be too sure.

 “But, they aren’t a prospect,” you say. Or, maybe they already have your book – well they probably know many people they could refer your book to. Especially if they liked it, or you, and are reminded to do so.

So, in your email signature, you can simply write “Author of [Your Book Title]. Then hyperlink that line to your book’s purchase page either a landing page, your website, or on Amazon. Set up your inbox so that the line is included in every email you send out.

Change Your Profile Picture

Great job! That hyperlink strategy will help you promote your book every time you send an email. Now let’s look at another easy way to shine that light of yours!

Every one of your social media accounts as well as Google, has a photo of you, or of something, right? Have you ever changed a picture and had several people comment? If not, have you ever commented on a friend’s new picture? That is friendly marketing. Now how do you tie it to your book? Easy, have a picture taken of you holding the book or of the book by itself. Be creative! Maybe a picture of your cat sleeping next to your book, Okay…well maybe not sleeping. How about a beautiful picture of you reading your book to an audience at a book signing or out in nature to a friend? Maybe a picture of the book on a bookstore shelf. There are infinite possibilities and you can keep changing up the pictures. People may start to follow you for your creativity. Every new inventive photo is an opportunity to reach a new person or group. Consider the qualities and characteristics of your book and try to incorporate those into the picture-taking. In other words, use the photos to let your audience know you get them.

Stay tuned for more marketing ideas…

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