5 Reasons Your Story Matters

5 Reasons Your Story Matters

Sometimes new authors ignore the burning in their chests to write their book because they wonder if it’ll be worth it. “Will it really make a difference?”

I hear these doubts all the time, and I wonder, do people really believe that their stories don’t matter? Or is this another way of the ego chattering in their heads?

Stephen Pressfield, in The War of Art, simply names this struggle Resistance. It shows up in many different ways, from procrastination to writer’s block to time management.

Julia Cameron, in The Artist’s Way, calls it blocked creativity. Her book helps us recover our inner artist.

I call it personal development, part of a writer’s spiritual journey. What makes us struggle is an opportunity to learn. That’s why writing a book is a journey of self discovery.

What do you call it when you meet this struggle? How do you deal with it?

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