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Writing a book can feel intimidating and when first starting out you don’t know what support you need. You want to write a book you’ll feel proud of. But where to start?

We support thought leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches, to create books of the highest quality to build business, grow a following, and exponentially increase impact while sharing your story.

Our programs have been designed with our clients in mind. You want this process to be as painless as possible, what if it could also be fun!

  • Our time-tested curriculum works. Helping you get to your goal faster and easier.
  • Our coaching addresses fears, procrastination, imposter syndrome and writer’s block.
  • Our writers community is supportive and welcoming.

We’d love to hear about your story.

Amy Collette

Hi, I’m Amy Collette, a Book Coach in Denver Colorado


Do you have a message to share with the world?

Do you feel some hesitation in the idea of writing a book? I would love to hear about your concerns. You see, I have developed a proven method to help make the process of writing, publishing and marketing your book easier. This framework helps you clearly define the elements you need before you begin to write: your mission, your ideal readers, and yourself as an author.

My experience as an author, editor, project manager, team facilitator, and certified life coach meld together so that I may help you write a book that make a difference.

Let’s talk about your book idea. Complete the brief application and book your free, Creative Conference now.

The Gratitude Connection

Embrace the positive power of thanks


I felt compelled to write my first book, The Gratitude Connection, after finally discovering the secret to calm my state of constant anxiety.

Embracing gratitude brings about a transformation that is as wonderful as it is unexpected.

Becoming an author brought some very hard lessons along my publishing journey. My mission now is to help first-time authors navigate the book-writing adventure so that it’s fun and creative; a journey of self-discovery. A new author told me, “I never knew how much personal development this was going to be!” The truth is, personal development is a big part of the path. That’s why we call it Unleash Your Inner Author!


The Gratitude Connection book


Stories Can Transform Lives

At Unleash Your Inner Author, we believe in the power of your story to transform lives. Most of our authors, felt compelled to share their message. We believe your story is not just important, it’s urgent.

People are waiting for your message.


Before founding Unleash Your Inner Author, I was a professional writer and editor and then became a published author which helped me to understand the process from a personal as well as professional standpoint. Coaching first-time authors to attain their dreams of holding their published books in their hands is a joy for me.

One of our important business principles is that the process of becoming an author is a vulnerable awakening. Many other publishers overlook that. Haveing a deep sense of what support authors need enables us to empower you.

“Amy, I wouldn’t have done this, I couldn’t have done this, without you.
I could have never imagined that the final product would have come out so well.”

Barry Overton

Speaker, Podcaster, and Author of Ignite Your Greatness

Working with Amy has been nothing short of magical. Writing a book can be very overwhelming, but Amy helped me get all of my thoughts and ideas out into a structure that made writing simple and FUN! Writing my book has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life, and I couldn’t have done it without Amy’s brilliance, guidance and unwavering support. She held space for my wisdom to come through and kept me on the path of success, as a great coach does. Amy has truly taken my thought leadership to the next level because speakers need books! Thank you Amy for helping me leave a legacy.

Alex Agresta, Co-Founder of Purpose Pioneers

International Speaker & TEDx Speaker Director