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Written by: Amy Collette

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. Amy helps changemakers on their journey to become published authors.

I recently made a request for information about you authors and how you do what you do. Thank you to all of you who shared your struggles as well as what works for you!

Here are some of the responses I got from authors who are working on their books right now:

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What has been holding you back from completing your book?

“I was making it a big monster. I finally had to set a hard deadline and commit to my designer to finalize it.”

“Making the time!  I’m setting aside every Wednesday morning, 9am-noon to ONLY work on my book. No phone, no distractions.”

“My biggest issue with writing was finding the time when I felt I could close myself off from the world and do it. I’m spending a few days in a hotel between trade shows and writing. I wish I had chosen to lock myself off for a couple of days in a hotel sooner.”

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What questions do you have about writing and publishing?

“I need to know more about printing and publishing options.”
(Look for more on this topic in upcoming newsletters and articles…)

What do you want from being an author?
“Reaching the people who need my message the most, even if it only changes one life for the better.” Russell Dennis, Author of Conversations With the Master


“To reach more women with the messages of balance, strength, grace and surrender through the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.” Stacie Ivey, Author of Awakening Your Feminine Spirit: Finding Balance, Purpose and Strength


Please join the conversation to add your opinions, ideas, and advice in the Positively Powered Facebook group!

In the Unleash Your Inner Author Course, I address all these issues and many more. Every author faces different challenges, but there are common themes, as you can see. One of the biggest wins for authors working in a group course is that everyone has great ideas to share. We all benefit from everyone’s knowledge, mistakes, and lessons learned.


Amy Collette
Author of The Gratitude Connection and Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, a system to create professional-quality publications to boost your business, build your tribe, and increase your impact


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