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Becoming an author can be a solitary journey but doesn’t have to be! Join us for community and ongoing education as we travel the author adventure together.

Grammar and Usage Advice

Geeky resources for word lovers:

Dictionary of Choice

Our choice for editing – and Scrabble!

Business Resources

  • Our favorite scheduling app: Acuity Scheduling
  • The app that makes the pretty graphics on our site: Canva
  • Schedule social media posts (and it integrates with Canva): CinchShare
  • CRM to track customer relationships: Streak (it integrates seamlessly with Gmail)
  • Branded swag such as high-quality bags and t-shirts: Printful
  • Favorite writer’s gadget: Rocketbook reusable notebook

Social Justice Resources


Tips for getting PR/media attention

  • Before you approach publications or media outlets, be specific about defining what types of shows or media you want to be featured on.
  • Know their content and what they’re looking for and explain how you can add massive value to their audience.
  • Do your homework, understand what is a good fit for them and make sure it fits with your values and goals.

Audioboook Marketing Resources

Legal and Financial Resources

Powerful Writing

Do you ever start writing, thinking you know exactly what you want to say – and then go off on a tangent and end up in the weeds?

I do. That’s when I remember to get out one of my favorite tools – the Writing Purpose Worksheet. It helps me map out my points and make sure that I’m actually making the impact that I want to.

Use this handy tool when you’re planning a blog post, an article, a chapter, or an entire book. I’ve even used it to develop speeches and presentations.

Please let me know how you’re using it!

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