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Once Stacie Ivey got the book-writing bug, she unleashed three books at once!

She says she has always had the dream of being an author. “I knew I had this book inside of me that needed to come out. But because of my own confidence issues and ways that I blocked myself, it took me awhile.”

Stacie took my “Unleash Your Inner Author” course, and then we worked together on her book in private sessions. Stacie said, “The in-person course helped me connect with that knowing that I wanted to write the book. “Awakening Your Feminine Spirit – the book and the workbook,  – came out in March 2017, along with my children’s book, Before the Veil.”


In the podcast, we focused on Stacie’s first book, Awakening Your Feminine Spirit.

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Listen to the podcast now >> 

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Stacie Ivey
Amy Collette


Amy: Tell us about your book and what we’ll learn from it.


Over time, the book had many evolutions – it’s partially a memoir, but has many other components. Working through it, I found what helped me overcome my struggles. The book is about balancing the masculine and feminine energies

It is about the concept of feminine energy – how to receive how to be, connect with your higher self, step out of limiting ways our that ego is holding us back. It’s about creativity, and synchronicity. Awakening Your Feminine Spirit is written in three parts:

  • Sacred Surrender: What do you need to let go of? What is limiting and keeping you from serving the world in bigger ways?
  • Sacred Embodiment : Our bodies are tremendous vessels for healing. We have all the elements of nature within us coming back to the grounded feeling of earth.
  • Sacred Expansion: Opening up to miracles and synchronicities and the power of love, creating the life that is the best for us individually and collectively.

Everyone can find something in the book that works for them, women and men. I invite you to try the exercises to find out how to make transformation in your own life.

Amy: With raising a family and working, what helped you stay focused and complete the book?


I learned that I had to carve out time to write, that really helped me make progress. I find that the energy of creativity is a higher vibrational energy, just like gratitude. The more I stayed in that energy, I was able to accomplish what I needed. When I got caught up in other aspects of life too much, I would get blocked and the creative flow would stop. I learned to devote myself to the sacred time of writing.

Amy: Why is it important that we connect with the feminine aspect?


Aspects of the feminine have been really forgotten and lost – intuition, unconditional love and compassion. The idea is that we are sacred and everything is interconnected. The feminine is the path back to the truest essence of ourselves.

The feminine also represents fierce warrior goddess energy, which is powerful for men and women to connect with. The focus has been on the masculine – pushing forward, linear thinking. While all that is good and necessary, what’s been missing is the inner authority, intuition, trusting the flow of life the way water flows.

Amy: Stacie, I love the first lines of the book: “She comes as a calling, a sort of bubbling from within, tapping lightly at first and asking gently for you to listen.” Who is “she?”


It’s hard to describe, but “she” is the feminine face of god. She is creation, she is beauty, she is strength, she is empathy; unconditional love. She is that essence that is within all of us, and that we are all one.

Amy: How do we learn to be intuitive?


There are a lot of different ways. We are all intuitive. Meditating is easy once we know what works for our own physiology. Yoga is meditation in motion. It’s considered a medical practice in India. Intuition is easier than we think – it’s trusting in our inner wisdom and guidance.

Awakening Your Feminine Spirit is a guide to help you see that this isn’t so hard – we’re all in this journey together.

Contacting Stacie

website: stacieivey.com

email: stacieivey@gmail.com

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Amy Collette – The Book Coach who helps you Unleash Your Inner Author!