Blessing for the grieving

Written by: Amy Collette

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. Amy helps changemakers on their journey to become published authors.
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In this time of grief and remembrance,
In this time of sadness and celebration,
May you find a gift within your loss.
That gift is gratitude for the love you have,
The times you shared,
The memories you made.
May Spirit help you keep your eyes and ears,
and all your senses, open to a new connection.
It might come any moment-
On a walk, while you’re driving,
or when you hear that certain song.
It’s a flower, or a smell, or a butterfly,
A dragonfly, a hawk or a crow.
And recognition gently reminds you.
Your love will always be.Let it sustain you when sadness rises,
When grief wells up and overtakes you.
May you find healing and peace.

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Amy Collette
Author of The Gratitude Connection and Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, a system to create professional-quality publications to boost your business, build your tribe, and increase your impact


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