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When Animal Communicator Vicki Draper became an author, she said, “it was like a piece of me was complete. It was like coming home to myself. So it gave me more presence in my business. It gave me more confidence – I’m an author!”

Vicki was born with a gift for healing, which she realized as a child when her cat was healed of a terminal illness.

Vicki also has a smart, analytical  mind, so she first went the path of a high-tech career. But when she realized it was not her calling, she says that she “Chose to fill my heart with the light,” making the choice to leave her corporate job and follow her passion of helping animals.

“Ever since I made that leap of faith it has opened my world, and now I have fulfilled my dream of being an author.”


Along with training to become a licensed massage and acupressure practitioner, Vicki designed an animal healing and connection group. “I had no idea of the powerful transformations that would take place – it’s been beautiful to watch.” Her first book, Bridging True Love Connection and Healing Between You and Your Animals, is based on the techniques developed for that group.

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Listen to the interview >>

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Vicki Draper
Amy Collette

Here are a few highlights from our talk:

Amy: What is the impact you hope to have with your book?

Vicki: “Heart opening. The animals are pure and natural and are just waiting for us to connect more fully with them. So we can access that beautiful heart energy that they provide for us. When that happens, it means we’re happier, it means the world’s happier. The animals are definitely happier when we connect with them.

Everything has an energy. So when we’re happy, that has a different vibration from when we’re sad or angry. Our animals are sensitive about what goes on in our environment. Animals pick up on our stress. In general they are more sensitive to that energy than people. They can get out of balance, trying to take on our stress to help us. It’s important to take care of them. Vicki’s clearing techniques help to release the stress from yourself and your animals.”

Amy: Presales are a powerful way to make the most of your book launch. Can you tell us how you were so successful with marketing presales of your book?

Vicki: I was so excited (about the book) that it was just what I naturally decided to do. Looking back at it, it was pretty smart! At my introductory workshops I posted a copy of the cover of my book and announced that it would be available in a few weeks. People got excited about it and prepaid for it. Some people really like to be the first to have something.

Amy: How has having your book helped you grow your business?

Vicki: “Because I had the dream of being an author, it actually shifted my energy. When I became an author, it was like a piece of me was complete. It was like coming home to myself. So it gave me more presence in my business. It gave me more confidence – I’m an author!
Some places are very interested in promoting authors, so it’s opened up those venues.
Having a book also offers people another layer of support that they can take home with them right then.”

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Connect with Vicki

Website: healingyouranimal.com

Free gift: 5 Important Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You

Workshops and Events: 
Animal Connection and Healing Group

Book signing:
October 5 at Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park



Amy Collette – The Book Coach who helps you Unleash Your Inner Author!