Don’t Go It Alone: Discover the Essential Support of A Book Coach


Written by: Amy Collette

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. Amy helps changemakers on their journey to become published authors.

“I Want To Write A Book”

Many people say, “I want to write a book” (some statistics claim eighty percent). Are you one of those people? 

It’s an audacious goal, so very few actually do it (around three percent).

But since I’m a book coach, I’m thrilled you’re thinking about going on this journey. My goal is to help you make your dream come true.

How do I develop a writing voice?

It’s astounding that any books get written when so many other things are calling our attention, distracting us, and filling up our schedules. And we still write even though our voices are constantly hushed. As kids, we were often told to be quiet, go play outside, take our noise somewhere else. What we heard was: “Your voice isn’t welcome here,” or “What you have to say doesn’t matter, it’s just noise.”

All through school, we often heard the same thing. As creative, excited children, we learned to suppress that energy so we could sit and be quiet. School wasn’t about encouraging our creative ideas or speaking out about our unique perspectives. School was about absorbing information and then proving that we absorbed it. And we’ve become very good at that!

We’re not always encouraged to speak our minds at work, either. Who’s asked you to come up with innovative ideas and implement them lately? We’re expected to learn a process and to use it to be productive. And while that helps us fit into the system, it doesn’t value our voices or how we might see a different solution or path to success. We get used to not speaking up because we’re not sure our viewpoints will be valued or even heard.

And now you want to expose your unique ideas and quirky point of view with the world in your book? No wonder it can feel scary! Your soulmate readers are waiting, hoping to discover a fresh voice who actually gets them.

What Does a Book Coach Do?

Discovering the resonance of your voice is essential. How do you do that? 

You connect to the passion you hold inside. I found my real voice when I had something to say that I could not hold back. If you feel the same way, your real voice cannot stay silenced. It may take some practice to find it, so the more you speak and write about your passion, your voice feels unleashed – free to actually say “out loud” what you truly believe. A seasoned book coach can help you find your voice and use it to communicate the impact you want to make.

As a book coach, I love to ask you about your feelings; your biggest dreams and your scariest fears. Both play a big part in how your book comes to life. Our fears can be very loud, and we’re definitely used to them cropping up. Telling your story opens an opportunity for you to work through at least a few layers of the fears and barriers that have kept you from going on this journey until now, as well as new ones that haven’t shown up yet! Exploring your story can be a pathway to free yourself from these fears and express yourself in a way that only you can. No one else can tell your story. Your coach is there to provide the resources, support, and encouragement to share it. 

Your coach guides you through the process from concept all the way through that magical moment when you open your first box of books. Can you imagine what that feels like? It’s a surreal experience; holding real books with your name on the cover. The goal of your book coach is to get you to that point, feeling over-the-moon happy about your amazing new book and the journey to becoming an author. Your book coach helps you get what’s in your head onto that blank page that’s staring back at you. 

How Do I Choose a Book Coach?

Here are some big questions to consider when choosing a book coach:

  1. What do you want to accomplish? 
  2. Does the coach have similar values and resonance?
  3. In which area or genre is this coach most experienced?
  4. Does the coach offer a list of the books they have helped authors write?
  5. Can they also help you with publishing?

If writing a book really does call to you, it is worth succeeding at! Having a book coach improves your chances of completing your goals. A good book coach also helps you find your voice and become a better writer. There are so many details you could spend hours  researching… or you could just ask your book coach, who can give you the facts and the benefit of their years of experience.

Writing a book is a big deal, but it is also doable and incredibly satisfying. To make your dream come true, consider how getting the support of a book coach will not only help you reach that goal, but create a professional-quality publication that is difficult to achieve on your own.

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