Do you feel alone as an author and wonder, “How do I write a book by myself?”

Writing is a solitary endeavor. The introspection and opportunity to explore my own thoughts is one of my favorite parts. As a teenager, I wrote as a form of therapy. As an adult, I earned my living as a technical writer, then started writing about my journey to positivity. I knew at some point that writing would become something–a website, a podcast, a book maybe? I was trying to figure it out all alone.

It finally came together through community. Two friends and I decided to work through The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s book about creativity. During one of our meetings, I had an aha moment where my book came together suddenly, like puzzle pieces snapping together. My friends Joan and Michelle were encouraging, supportive, and excited for me. During that same time, Joan started drawing again. Michelle wrote breathtaking prose.  A few months later, I held my book in my hands for the first time. It seemed like some kind of magic had touched us. I had finally quit wondering, how do I write a book by myself and started writing it with the help of my friends.

The Gratitude Connection quickly became a bestseller. People loved it and then bought multiple copies for gifts. The Gratitude Connection bookBecoming an author and serving my readers with a positive message was my dream come true.

Would my book have happened without that group? I’ll never know. But the magic of community certainly nurtured my writer’s soul.

The Positively Powered Authors Community is now the place for both aspiring and published authors to offer encouragement, support, and companionship. I look forward to every interaction with the group and with every individual in it. I no longer feel alone on this journey.

Your turn:

  • Notice when you would like another perspective.
  • Observe in your life where you like to give and receive support.
  • Pay attention to when you’d like to have an outside eye on your ideas.

Want to check out the group? Please join us and invite your positively powered friends.
We are not just a community, we are a movement with a mission to raise the positive vibration of the planet. We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 5pm Mountain time. See you there!

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