I had all but given up on my dream of speaking on stage. I loved connecting with audiences, but I didn’t see my speaking career going anywhere in particular. Speaking took a lot of time because I developed a new talk every time a group invited me to speak. So I put my head down and focused instead on helping authors create their world-changing books. Most authors want to speak as a part of their cause or business, so I was still looking for opportunities for them. 

The first time I heard Speaker Coach Alexandria Agresta speak, I felt like she was reaching into my brain and putting my own thoughts together in a new way! I saw an opportunity to help authors get on the stages they dream about. When I mentioned I was a book coach, she was as excited as I was at the possibility of connecting our communities. We had a massive download…

Authors need stages. Speakers need books.

A collaboration seemed like the obvious next step. Alex speaks the same language of human connection that I do, so we knew it was a good fit. But what about her methods? Was her program worth investing in? I had to try it out before I could recommend it. (I’m sure she felt the same way!)

Alex Agresta and Amy Collette

Alex and Amy brainstorming…

I fully committed to Alex’s intensive coaching program.

  • I finally understand how to find my path to book stages first.
  • I used her system to create my signature talk that is deeper and more powerful than any I had done yet.
  • I feel the power of my message and the magic of connecting with an audience, seeing their aha moments happen in the room.
  • My slumbering speaker dream woke up in a new place – the Field of Possibility

Within a month, I had been a guest on three podcasts, taught a workshop, and had presented my new signature talk at Alex’s Thought Leadership Virtual Summit. A growing number of appearances has organically happened since then; I’m on a roll! I have a whole new comfort level with finding stages and speaking any time I get the chance. 

And guess what else is happening? Alex is writing her first book! She’s experiencing what so many of you have; the Unleash Your Inner Author path to sharing your transformation in a bigger way. 

Now I want to invite you to join us to play in the Field of Possibility, the place where you feel the power of your message to connect with and powerfully serve other humans. Where you are an amazing speaker and author. Where you look past your perceived barriers to the vast opportunities for success and fulfillment beyond them.

Here is where our vibrant communities come together. Alex has been a guest on a couple of our Author Community Conversations, giving us nuggets of knowledge about finding stages. And next month, Alex is hosting the Thought Leadership Summit Live 2020. She and her team are sharing all the goodness that has made such a big difference to me as a speaker. I believe so much that other authors can experience the awakening that I had that I became the first official sponsor of the Summit! At the event I will announce a new Unleash Your Inner Author program designed exclusively for Summit attendees. I’m pumped to be a part of it and want to see you there too!
(It is a live event held in South Dakota, and a limited number of virtual tickets are available.)

If you’re feeling the pull (or simply curious) about boosting your speaking or writing your book, please connect with me!