Fox Guided Meditation to Calm Your Anxiety and Help You Relax


Written by: Amy Collette

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. Amy helps changemakers on their journey to become published authors.

Fox Guided Meditation

I created the Fox Guided Meditation to calm your anxiety and help you relax. With all the crazy news going on, I felt my nervous system ramping up and remembered to listen to it. The fox invites us to enter a world of beautiful sounds and comforting sensations. Enjoy a few minutes to yourself as the fox takes you into the woods to reconnect with nature.

Use this meditation every day to quiet the worry and find peace. Please share this meditation with everyone who could use it.

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1 Comment

  1. Heath

    Great post Amy! Ive listened to this meditation many times and it never gets old.