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All entrepreneurs struggle, from Elon Musk to the newbie just launching their startup. While the challenges change, they all need support, encouragement, and perspective.

Kristin Darga’s book and organization, both titled Impact Founder, provide inspirational stories and photos of entrepreneurs who are risking it all to make a difference.

Kristin first saw the need for this kind of community and support after three young entrepreneurs died in 2014. She created a stunning art installation of artwork featuring entrepreneurs and their stories, and in 2017 turned it into a beautiful and compelling book.

Of her own experience in business as a Leadership Coach, Kristin says, “We expand as human beings at every stage. Every time we take on something new, we peel a layer away from ourselves and what we are protecting ourselves from.”

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Kristin’s journey to become an author reflects that growth. “Launching the book may be one of the harder things I’ve ever done. It was totally out of my comfort zone.”

But she was motivated by her passion to make a difference in the entrepreneurial world so that people don’t feel isolated or alone while dealing with anxiety tremendous pressure.  “I’m very proud of being an author. I don’t even believe it sometimes. I wouldn’t have gotten the book done if it hadn’t been for Amy.”

Amy says, “Kristin Darga is my “poster child” for how to get a book done. Together we set a long-term vision and she just kept working toward it. And – Kristin threw the best launch party I’ve been to in a long time!”

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Listen in to the interview:

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Kristin Darga
Amy Collette
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Amy Collette – The Book Coach who helps you Unleash Your Inner Author!