Positively Powered with Amy Collette – Featuring Health Coach Stephanie Flanders Martin

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There’s not a more positive, fun, supportive Health Coach than Stephanie Flanders Martin. Known as the “Gratitude Ambassador,” her approach helps you get results. (I know – she’s my health coach!)  You can find her at: The Lavender Elephant Health and Wellness

Stephanie works with clients one on one and in group classes, and presents workshops on health and wellness topics as well as cooking classes for busy people.

In this podcast, Stephanie shares some great advice on finding balance and staying focused on what’s important.

Stephanie’s quote: “If you don’t wake up with a smile on your face, figure out why.”

Stephanie has several special offers – listen to the podcast to find out about her programs and specials!

PP02 Health Coach Stephanie Flanders Martin
Amy Collette
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