Positively Powered with Amy Collette, Featuring Connie Kadansky

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If you’ve ever hesitated to pick up the phone to make a call, you need Connie Kadansky’s positive perspective on sales. She has helped thousands of people overcome “sales call reluctance.”

Connie is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice. She is a recognized expert in identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance. Connie helps business people get their “ask in gear!”

Connie’s dynamic energy and positive outlook help her train people about how fun and rewarding sales can be. Her business adventure starts at the age of 5, when she had her first positive experience with sales.


As Connie says, “It’s not the hardest working, the best prepared, or the most intelligent who gets the business, it’s the person who’s the most willing to promote their competency and be visible.”

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Amy Collette


On staying positive:

  • “I’m responsible for the energy I take anywhere”
  • Recognize how influential we are

On gratitude in business:

  • Embrace the value that you have
  • Opportunity is everywhere
  • When we approach the world with an attitude of gratitude, the world responds to us differently
  • On a daily basis, make it a point to help three people to achieve their goals

On being “too nice” to close a sale:

  • Some sales people put the relationship ahead of their goals and serving the customer
  • Asking uncomfortable questions sometimes gets customers to have a revelation and make a decision

On happiness and success:

  • I measure success on my “joy meter” that tells me that I’m in alignment

On balance:

  • Disconnect completely from work for 24 hours on the weekend 
  • Take vacations! They are vital 



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