Private (One-On-One) Book Coaching

Private VIP (Very Impactful Person) Book Coaching

One-on-one coaching is designed for leaders who are READY to step up onto a bigger stage to be more visible and share their message in a bigger way as authors. Are you ready to face your fears and share your story?

“Who am I to write a book?”

Dozens of authors have now experienced the Unleash Your Inner Author system.  They all started where you are now, with the fears of sharing their stories and feelings.  All these authors worked through those fears and are now making a greater impact as their books rise to best-seller status. See the Author Spotlight for all the authors and their world-changing books.

Our mission is to help raise the positive vibration of the planet.
Your transformational message is part of that mission.


It’s More Than A Book, It’s Who You Become
On The Journey

Why Not Start Sharing Your Story Today?

What sets this coaching program apart is our emphasis on mindset, community, accountability, and impact. Before you even begin writing you will have the tools, the clarity, and the conviction to produce a book you are proud to share.

I teach you the four essential elements that make this entire process flow easily. ~Amy Collette, Book Coach

Your Roadmap to becoming an author is made up of twelve modules that span six months. We meet over Zoom every other week, with optional office hours on the off weeks.

First-time authors have the opportunity to learn everything needed to ensure a successful journey.

From facing imposter syndrome to organizing chapters, we have you covered.



Module One: Define Your Mission

Your impact can be greater when you invest the time and effort into crafting a transformational experience for your readers. Defining the impact you want to make is a crucial first step on the journey.

Module Two: Understand Your Soulmate Readers

Understanding your readers is crucial to crafting your story in a way that will have the greatest positive impact on them. When you dream about the people who will pick up your book, who do you envision?

Module Three: Know Yourself as An Author

Knowing your motivations (and fears) as an author helps you reach your personal and professional goals and step into this new role with confidence.

Module Four: Create Your Roadmap for The Journey

Using the Craft a Talk That Sells framework, all the work you’ve done in the first three modules comes together. Magically, the structure of your book appears out of the chaos. This becomes the roadmap for writing your book.

Module Five: Discover Your Author Voice

You may be comfortable writing, but are you writing in your authentic voice? You’ll learn to get in touch with your voice. This is the voice you use with friends when you’re getting real, the voice that will connect with your soulmate readers.

Module Six: Stay the Course

What to do when the initial excitement wears off? This module provides tools to reignite the fire and keep burning.

Module Seven: Become a Stronger Writer

By now you have done some writing and feeling like you’re getting the hang of it.  Hopefully, you’re even having some fun! As a writer, do you understand your strengths? Do you know how to discover and improve your writing habits? Jump in to learn some techniques to spot what’s strong and what might need some tweaking.

Module Eight: Power Through Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome

These sneaky roadblocks show up for every author. Learn to outsmart them every time.

Module Nine: Write Powerful Introductions and Book Descriptions

Your ideal readers will read these elements first. Let’s make sure they’re compelling!

Module Ten: Market Your Book

Don’t be shy about getting the word out about your book—the more exposure you can get, the more people can benefit from your work. From developing a local presence to a global online presence, the goal is to connect authentically with your soulmate readers.

Module Eleven: Improve Your Writing Through Editing

Understanding all your editing options and how they help improve your writing is key for you as an author. Consider your editors’ collaborations in the way you impact your readers.


  • 90 Day Launch Plan
  • Writing Resources
  • Style Guide and more!

What Authors Are Saying

Alex and Amy

Alex Agresta and Amy Collette

Working with Amy has been nothing short of magical. Writing a book can be very overwhelming, but Amy helped me get all of my thoughts and ideas out into a structure that made writing simple and FUN! Writing my book has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life, and I couldn’t have done it without Amy’s brilliance, guidance and unwavering support. She held space for my wisdom to come through and kept me on the path of success, as a great coach does. Amy has truly taken my thought leadership to the next level because speakers need books! Thank you Amy for helping me leave a legacy.~Alexandria Agresta, Co-Founder of Purpose Pioneers, International Speaker & TEDx Speaker Director

Amy, I wouldn’t have done this, I couldn’t have done this without you. I could have never imagined that the final product would have come out so well.” ~Barry Overton, Speaker, Podcaster, and Author of Ignite Your Greatness

Stacie Ivey

“I highly recommend Amy’s program to anyone who has the desire to write and publish a book. Amy has such experience, knowledge, and wisdom, combined with spot-on intuition that is invaluable. I recommend Amy and this course to any budding author.” ~ Stacie Ivey, Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine



Author Book Covers

  • Six-month program to write your book
  • Includes the entire Unleash Your Inner Author System 
  • Sessions are held every other week
  • Office hours with your Book Coach are available on off weeks
  • Taught by Book Coach and Publisher Amy Collette
  • Accountability and Goal Setting
  • Facebook Group for ongoing support, resources and community


As a professional, you understand the acceleration that becoming an author would afford you. Don’t let this chance slip by. Step into your own light, face your fears and make the choice you’ve been longing to make for so long. This is your moment!

Yes, I want to join the ranks of these inspiring authors!