Bridging true love connection & healing

between you and your animals

Vickie Draper

Author Barry Overton

Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animals:

Holistic Healing For Your Cats, Dogs, Horses and You
For many years Vicki has been helping people and their animals connect more deeply, “bridging true love connection and healing” to live healthier, happier lives. She is now teaching you the proven,proven, powerful techniques so you can have this connection with the animals you love and work with.

“This book will work magic. It will not only help you be able to understand and resolve many issues with your animals,animals, but it will heal you in that process. What a gift indeed. Enjoy the journey…” Martha Norwalk, Animal behaviorist, trainer and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World.World.


Author Jodie Hopkins