Family Survival Guide for Our Changing Climate

Sandi Sturm

Author Barry Overton

Family Survival Guide for Our Changing Climate: 52 Empowering Actions You and Your Family Can Take Now!

This little book provides you with 52 weekly empowering actions that offer ways to reduce your carbon footprint 50% by 2030. This means you can create a safer and healthier future for your children and grandchildren. Weekly action allows you to gradually make changes over the year which means you won’t feel pressured and overwhelmed to make changes all at once. Community actions are included so you can empower others to take small steps and amplify your results. Charting your progress brings you peace of mind knowing you are taking action and making a difference which results in a better future for your family.

Some of the questions that will be answered include:- What is my carbon footprint?- What can we do as a family to reduce our carbon footprint 50% by 2030?- How can we help our communities reduce their carbon footprint 50% by 2030?- Do my daily actions increase greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?- Do my individual actions really matter?… and more! If you’re serious about learning ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint 50% by 2030, and you are ready to support climate change, then you need to grab a copy of this enlightening book Now!” Climate Reality Leader, Sandi Sturm, will reveal 52 different ways every family, regardless of experience level, can make the change that is needed – Today!