From Beaten to Badass

Erin Baer

Author Barry Overton
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From Beaten To Badass: My journey of broken blessings and how I became my own hero

Raped, beaten, nearly killed, bullied, abandoned, abused and broken. She shouldn’t have survived, but she did. Ultimately, she became a strong, independent woman who possesses qualities that are a perfect match for what life throws her way. Erin gained insight and resilience while traveling through peaks and valleys with the help of mentors, friends, parents, and coaches, who all made a difference in her life.

Erin rose out of her difficult childhood to become an accomplished golfer. In young adulthood, she endured a traumatic tipping point of abuse and rape. While searching for self-esteem, she found competitive bodybuilding and became a successful Figure Competitor. After experiencing a life-threatening heart condition, Erin also had to heal from a fluke accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. The strength that brought her through those medical issues is now guiding her through infertility. Her story shows how a strong woman stands tall like a tree, rooted to her beliefs. Just when you think you may break, you can bend with the wind to find another success.

Erin lives with the most energetic and positive outlook on life whose life purpose is to confront the “elephants in the room” and give all women strength. By inspiring and motivating, she teaches them to leverage all of what life throws their way to bring out the powerful women they truly are.

Author Erin Baer