Graceful Growth

Erin Baer and Kim Bark White

Author Barry Overton

Graceful Growth: Allowing One’s Inner Compass to Navigate Life’s Painful Losses

“This book is filled with life stories and life experiences people don’t want to talk about; “the elephant in the room.” But avoiding the truth is the very reason our mental and emotional well-being has been traumatized. Graceful Growth is filled with passionate and compassionate life-transforming experiences that come from way down deep in the heart of each author.

This book is a must read for those who truly want to be freed, for when we face our truths, we free our minds, our bodies, and our souls. What we go through doesn’t define us, what we experience can make us stronger. This book has transformed my heart. We all need love, affection, and a sense of unconditional, communal support to know we are not alone on this journey through life. We need one another. Every story in this book is a head-on confrontation with the elephant in the room that encourages us to embrace our truth, to take a stand and speak up for ourselves, unleash the badass within, and with balance, be graceful in our growth.”
Marissa L. Bloedoorn, M.Sc., DTM Master DISC Behavioral Analyst and Best-Selling Publisher and Author