Heart to Heart:

How You Can Heal Your Animal Through All Stages of Life


Vickie Draper

Author Barry Overton

Ready to Feel Confident Caring for Your Animal When They are Hurting?

This book empowers you as an animal guardian with tools for a deeper connection and better health. Creating Heart to Heart took Vicki on a spiritual journey of connecting with her heart and her passion for helping animals to a new level through all stages of life, even through the death process.

A natural born animal communicator, Vicki’s qualifications as a healer for both people and animals include being a licensed massage therapist, a certified acupressurist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and training in craniosacral therapy.

No matter what stage of life your animal is in during your lives together, this book is a valuable resource that will benefit you both with optimum health and a happy and harmonious home.

Author Jodie Hopkins