my mother, the gorilla

Vicky Wind

Author Barry Overton

My Mother, The Gorilla: The Wild and Wacky Life Adventures of a Singing Telegramist

For nearly 30 years, Vicki Wind ran a business yet “never worked a day in her life.” This feeling of being where you belong and doing what you are meant to be doing is her wish for all of us.
In My Mother, the Gorilla, Vicki invites us to share her memories of hilarious escapades in the singing telegram business as   yes  — a gorilla, but also a chicken, a 7-foot banana, Midnight Mary the Bag Lady, Surly Shirley the Waitress from Hell, and the dreaded Sister Mary Constipation, among countless other characters.
What started out as a collection of true stories to share with her grandkids has become this laugh-out-loud, inspiring memoir to share with the world.
My Mother, the Gorilla reminds us, all at once, that finding your own voice is essential to a happy life, that possibilities are endless at any age, and that everyone has a story to tell.  

Raised in a chocolate factory, educated in Catholic school, and trained as a radiation chemist, Vicki finally found her true self in a gorilla suit. Now retired and living in Evergreen Colorado, Vicki finds great joy living a mile and a half above sea level, communing with the wildlife she loves, and having the perfect backdrop to finally get down on paper stories about her own WILD LIFE.

Author and Photographer Deborah Cole