Our Favorite Movies

Anne Feustel

Author Barry Overton

Our Favorite Movies: How films affect our mental health

Research has shown that movies with positive messages can make us stronger, kinder, and more empathetic people. They can heal us, uplift us, and allow us a safe way to work through our struggles. In addition, watching movies with loved ones can foster deep emotional connections.
Author Anne Feustel discovered over 15 years ago that watching one of her favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride, dramatically improved her mental health during a manic episode. Happily, she was transported to a magical realm where her symptoms couldn’t follow. It became her go-to movie when she was struggling with mania, depression, or anxiety. Later, Anne realized that viewing specific movies had eased her emotional struggles since she was a child.
Anne shares stories from her mental health journey, and explores the history of cinematherapy as a tool to create healthy coping skills and
sustain personal growth.
For each of the recommended 12 movies Anne covers in Our Favorite Movies, she details how they can affect our mental health. She also adds her thoughts on each movie along with fun behind-the-scenes facts. Her selections include Inside Out, When Harry Met Sally…, Fried Green Tomatoes, and The Princess Bride.
So, film fans, it’s time to dive deep into some fantastic movies!