Phonological Awareness is Phun!

A Guide To Teaching Essential Early Literacy Concepts

Kerry Zarlengo

Author Barry Overton

Teaching young children to read is a daunting task, right?

Where do I begin? Have I included all the important skills? Is there a sequence to these skills? Whether you are beginning your teaching career, a veteran teacher, or an administrator seeking early literacy knowledge, you will find the answer you are looking for in Phonological Awareness is Phun!

According to many reading experts’ phonemic awareness is considered the key to reading success. In her book, author Kerry Zarlengo agrees profoundly and suggests that there are also phonological awareness skills that need to be thoroughly understood by your students prior to phonemic awareness.

Filled with personal stories and experiences from her 32 years of teaching and instructional coaching, Kerry’s book includes what proved successful and how to avoid the pitfalls she encountered along the way. Her relaxed and professional writing style makes this book a pleasure to read and successful to implement.