Sacred Ground

Powerfully Embrace Your True Nature

Amber Kierra

Author Barry Overton

Sacred Ground is an enlightening experience that combines powerful poetry and meaningful self-reflection together in one book. This book is for anyone who longs to live, work, and play from a place that is in total alignment with their true nature, even if it is contradictory to mainstream society.
Poet, speaker, and teacher Amber Kierra artfully illustrates unique aspects of being a disabled, black woman in America, while inviting readers to reflect on the pillars of what keeps them grounded and connected to their nourishing roots. She seamlessly weaves in topics related to black history, spirituality, sexuality, and creativity into a journey of 14 poems and interactive reflection pages. After reading this book you will fall more deeply in love with all that you are, while rediscovering the truths that keep you feeling energized, hopeful, and ready to make your wildest dreams a reality.

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