SHE (Believed She Could So She Did)

Deborah Cole

Author Barry Overton

Although women own 40% of businesses, generations of females never dream of leading a company.

In SHE (Believed She Could So She Did), Deborah Cole shares the stories of 35 women in Texas who, by design or circumstance, have come to create or lead companies. The success of these women from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds all started with a dream or an idea. With the innate talents and determination to succeed, they have grown businesses of all sizes. Their collective voice says, “If I can do this, any woman can.”

What People Are Saying:
“As a woman, it is so inspiring to find books that detail and honor the journey of other women. The female sorority is key when it comes to celebrating fellow ladies’ vision and courage.

A woman’s triumph is a success for all of us! The women featured in this book, however different their endeavors, all share a core authenticity that has allowed them to shine in their respective fields.

Learning how others overcome challenges and eventually succeed in life and business makes us all better humans. Thanks for a great read!”

— Pilar Angel


Author and Photographer Deborah Cole