So, You’re In Sales

Amy Reczek

Author Barry Overton

Challenges to fuel your success (and keep you sane)

Are you new to sales? A seasoned pro? Somewhere in between? This book is for you.  

While you work for your company, your clients are your motivators.  Your products and customer service only go so far to earn their business; You are the differentiator when partnering with your clients.  Through the art of relationship selling, you can learn how to increase your sales and create clients for life.

The three key sections of the book give you the advantage:
1. Cadence: Your Touchpoints and Monitoring Success
2. Presence: How Are You Showing Up?
3. Change: We All Get Stuck! Changing It Up Creates Momentum

Each section has challenges designed to help you level up to the next stage in your career. This book was created to take you from good to great and push you outside of your comfort zone, all while helping you develop a new sales perspective. Let’s freshen up your sales strategy and create success along the way!


Amy Reczek