Symphony: The Art of Managing Change

Tricia Bennett

Author Barry Overton

How we treat people matters, and in a world where change occurs at an unprecedented rate, knowing how to relate to, inspire, and guide people through these changes is an increasingly important leadership talent.  When organizations and communities take care of their people, the people tend to take care of the organizations and communities they serve.

The art of managing organizational change is like conducting a symphony. When you become practiced with this method, your organization will improve because your team, working together, has the ability to deliver even greater outcomes than you could imagine. Not one of them can achieve the desired outcome independently, but when these individual contributors come together as a part of a group working in harmony, the result can be magical!

This book is a relatable, easy read, and packed with ideas. You’ll undoubtedly find a few valuable concepts that you can add to your personal leadership toolkit.  Join the conversation at

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