The Badass Within

Stories of Strength, Hope and Courage

Erin Baer

Author Barry Overton

The Badass Within: Stories of Strength, Hope and Courage

You might suspect that there is a Badass within you but she’s been hiding for a long time. She might feel beaten down by life; by grief, or abuse, or health issues, or trauma. But you know she’s still there somehow, and you’re wondering how to let her out.

The authors of The Badass Within wondered the same thing. Until they came to a point where they had to confront the “elephant in the room,” that thing that was holding them back. Fifteen women share their personal, real, and courageous stories. You will witness their sadness, joy, and strength. In their sharing, they release the chains of the past and unleash the badass within. Their hope is that you too will be inspired to discover the badass within you and let her shine.

Author Erin Baer