How Do I Publish My Book?


When your manuscript is completed, the publishing journey begins. It’s time to get your message into the hands of your readers.

Our wonderful team of experts is ready to help you through the process of preparing your book for publication. The result is a world-class book that represents you and helps you connect with the people who most need your message.

Publishing is easy as…

Ok, it’s not really that easy. There are a gazillion details to worry about. But we do all that so you can focus on the big picture: making a powerful impact with your book.

The “Big Three” items that elevate your book to a world class publication are:


  1. Professional Editing. Professional editors bring a level of skill to your writing that makes it easier for readers to read and enjoy. A great editor makes you a better writer. Our goal is to elevate your message, to remove any distractions that might come between you and your reader. Great editing makes your writing shine.  
  2. Cover Design. Since books really are judged by their covers, having the right designer is key. A talented designer spends the time to understand your  branding and your message, and brings to life your book in a visual way that speaks directly to your soulmate readers.
  3. Interior Layout. The design of the inside of the book matters. It creates a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for the reader to return to again and again.


Our two-phase editing process makes your content shine even brighter

  • Our experienced, professional editorial team assures the highest quality 
  • Substantive editing improves flow, structure, grammar, and punctuation
  • Proofreading puts a “final polish” on your masterpiece for publication


World-class design makes your book appealing to your readers

  • A Professional Graphic Artist works with you to create your vision
  • Interior layout includes up to 10 images and custom design elements
  • Print and e-book versions are created for distribution


Together we define the best publishing options for you and the success of your book

  • Consulting to determine your best strategy
  • Publishing setup for print and e-book versions
  • Managing the project so that all the pieces come together seamlessly 

SMALL (but important) DETAILS

To help your ideal readers discover your book

  • Your author biography personally connects with readers 
  • Your book description (blurb) lets readers know how they’ll benefit and why this book is perfect for them
  • The overall look and feel reflects your message and your brand


Marketing is an essential element to help you reach your soulmate readers. Our book launch and marketing plans help you plan ahead and prepare to market your book effectively. 

Meet the Team

Our publishing team is here to transform you into a confident author and your book into a world-class publication you can be proud of.  Our Team of Specialists share their knowledge to make your book stand out with world-class editing, book cover design, book layout, professional branding, marketing, and website design.

Our fearless leader, Amy Collette is an author, book editor and the most wonderful book coach! Amy brings 110% to the coaching of authors. She has a deep understanding of the transformation that must occur when a mere mortal shape-shifts into Author. She is kind, compassionate, persistent, and thorough, she can help you do this! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when Amy holds the space for your transformation.

Amy is also the founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, she is also the Author of The Gratitude ConnectionEmbrace the Positive Power of Thanks.

Amy Collette

Author- Maker & Alchemist

Many authors use their books to launch other endeavors, projects, or businesses. Lora offers copywriting and website design to help you brand your project, express your message, and strategize your marketing. As part of Amy’s team, she assists with day-to-day operations. Find out more about Lora’s work at

Lora LeFhae

The Brand Behind Your Book

Jodie is a published author, book coach, and long-time writing teacher.  With many years in education, Jodie has worked with budding authors, helping them to make their writing dreams come true.  Her marvelous sense of humor and extensive knowledge of writing help her clients take their book ideas out of their heads and into a finished book in their hands.  Her relaxed and friendly manner make her a joy to work with.  Jodie has experienced our program first-hand as the author of Journey for One: A Guide to Gaining the Courage and Strength to Travel Solo. Wherever you are in the book writing journey, Jodie is here for you.

Jodie Hopkins

Book Coach

Alexandra is an award-winning book editor and writing coach who has been working with indie authors since 2012. In her first workbook, Lean Into Your Yuck: 7 Steps to Mastering Nonfiction Book Structure, she challenges writers to push through the messy (but necessary) process of writing a great first draft, and gives you a game plan for doing so. To date, she has worked with over a hundred writers, many of whom have become award-winners and bestsellers.

A voracious and passionate reader all her life, Alexandra likes nothing better than to talk story structure and craft.  On book launch day, she is notoriously as excited as the authors themselves.

Alexandra is a past president and former marketing chair of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, a nonprofit statewide cooperative of authors, independent book publishers, and publishing professionals. 

Alexandra O'Connell


Vaughn is a magician who turns authors into expert narrators for their own books. As a gifted musician, Vaughn knows the importance of audio quality and nuance. He brings his musical knowledge to the audiobook experience, creating high-quality audio that captures the essence of the author’s message as well as personality. 

Vaughn’s previous projects speak for themselves (pun intended!). 

Vaughn Fahie

Audiobook Expert

What Authors Are Saying ~

“I LOVE what you did with my book. I can’t tell you how happy I am!” 

~Kelly Robbins, Author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating The Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks

I am incredibly grateful to my book coach, Amy Collette. Teaming up with Amy reassured me that I could actually follow through and complete the book in a reasonable period of time. I felt like I was working with a member of the family, most certainly with a very trusted friend. Amy, I would not have gotten the book done without you.”
John Alexander, Author of The Journey Begins With 1,000 Miles

“A good editor will always make a writer better at her craft. My deep gratitude to Amy Collette for helping me clean up this manuscript and make it much easier to read. In the process of her working with me, my writing has improved immensely.”

 ~ Nancy Rynes, Author of Awakenings from the Light 

(on Amazon’s “Hot Sellers” list within three weeks of its publication)

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