From Idea to Manuscript: Your Complete Guide to Writing a Transformational Book


Discover a proven system to turn your experiences into a powerful, published non-fiction book. Gain clarity, confidence, and a structured plan to share your story and leave a lasting legacy.

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Amy Collette Denver book writing coach

Let’s discuss who this book is for…

Unleash Your Impact is for dreamers like you. You have been thinking about writing a book for a long time but not sure where or how to get started. You want to create a legacy – it’s important to you. Feeling proud of your book isn’t optional.

Whether you are:

  • A Speaker ready to ascend to grander stages. You have worked hard to win your success. You know a book would greatly increase your visability while expanding opportunities for connection.
  • An Entrepreneur with big dreams and a phenomenal offer. Why not share your WHY? It’s time to let the world know just how life-changing your ideas are through the pages of a book.
  • A Leader with a transformational message. You have a transformational message that could genuinely help others. Your clients and friends have been urging you to write a book. Now is the time.

Unleash Your Impact will provide you with a clear guide to take you from idea to complete manuscriptready for the copy edit and publishing phase. I will be by your side supporting you throughout your journey. Whatever your objections may be, read on…

Of course you have doubts!

Many aspiring authors face similar obstacles:

Lack of Time:

Understanding how to organize your book, understand who your audience is and define your goals as an author will shave considerable time off this process. In addition I’ll tell you how to create a map and a filter to keep you on track throughout the journey.

Imposter Syndrome:                                                               

Gain conficence in your voice and expertise. Once you understand where the fears come from it is so much easier to recognize the triggers that invite them.

Getting Started:

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin is squelshed in the very first section of the book where you learn to create your personalized roadmap for the entire book.


How long have you been thinking about writing a book? There may be underlying fears holding you back.

Part II of Unleash Your Impact contains interviews with 8 author-clients who share their stories. These stories help you to envision yourself taking action and moving through the challenges of writing a book and successfully conquering your fears.

Get the complete guide to overcoming your fears and writing a book based on my 12-week course

1. Create a roadmap before you begin to write

Unlike most of the programs and books that promise to help new authors, Unleash Your Impact teaches you how to first identify your audience, your message and your goals as an author. This provides clarity and direction as you write your book.

2. Take the perspective of the reader

By understanding the perspective of the reader you learn to empathize. In doing so you can then write to that specific person within your audience who most needs your message.

3. Straight to the heart of the matter

Unleash Your Impact addresses the fears and mental barriers that arise during the process of becoming an author. This is exactly what is needed by first-time authors. Acknowledging the fear that has kept them from writing their books sets them free. Amy is both a coach and a strategist who encourages new authors to openly talk about the challenges and how to transform fears into fuel.

There is no way I have time to write a book.

Amy Simpkins, Author of Spiral:

“My husband and I run a business together and I have a coaching business too. And I’m raising three small kids. Oh, and by the way, I’m homeschooling them.”

“There does come a moment where you have to just do the thing that’s in front of you. So while it feels like a dichotomy — either we should be gentle, or we should force ourselves — really, it’s a mix of those things. There are moments where you want to gather the energy to do the thing, and other moments where you can be easier on yourself.“

I don’t know how to do this.

Vicki Draper, Author of Healing Your Animal Series:

“When I would connect with my soul calling, that connection was greater than the fears. That’s where having a coach and our author community was invaluable. I could reach out and talk about it.”

“The first thing is to make the commitment. Yes, I am writing my book.”

Procrastination and being stuck.

Barry Overton, Author of Ignite Your Greatness:

“I did research for four years. The reality of it is, I did not have any idea of how to get started, but I was determined to leave my legacy.”

“You can’t be a motivational speaker that’s not motivated to do your own book. You are here to inspire others.”

“Amy, I could not, would not have done this without you.”

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Bonus #1 Discover the Power of Your Story Workbook

Are you clear about why you want to write a book or share a message? Is this project more than a book for you? Who are your readers likely to be? This workbook will jumpstart your dream by helping you identify your passion and motivation. It will also walk you clarify next steps.

Bonus #2 Mindset

Mindset is an invaluable tool when becoming an author, or just about anything you feel passionate about doing. In my first book, The Gratitude Connection, I share my transformation from living life in constant anxiety and stress to creating a grateful perspective that made me a force for positivity.

With this bonus, you get my book, The Gratitude Connection: , plus this 30-day Positivity Bundle:

  • 30 Days of Positivity helps you retrain your brain from constant fear-based thinking to the perspective of possibility.
  • The 30 daily messages and exercises help you foster a positive mindset.
Bonus #3 Activate Your Writing with these Three Meditations

Here are 3 tried-and-true meditations I teach my authors to help them return to the creative present where their writing is most effective. See for yourself! No more writer’s block.

  • Setting Intentions – Creating intentions for writing practice.

  • From Worry to Peace – Transforming worry.

  • Fox Guided Meditation – To calm anxiety.


Try the book and the bonuses for 30 days. If after reading the book you don’t find them useful, I’ll refund you the full price of the book. Just send me an email and reciept and we’ll refund you within 10 days.

There is room for you at the author’s table my friend

See you on the inside,

Amy Collette

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