Unleash Your Inner Author

Coaching Program

Our mission  – To open the door to transformation for you as a new author and for all those your book will touch

Do you want to make a powerful impact, leave a legacy, and inspire change? Becoming a best-selling author can take you there. It will also build your confidence and commitment. Writing a book is a journey into yourself. It is intimate, challenging, and life-altering.

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but not so with this coaching program. You will receive the support and accountability to help you navigate the journey from start to finish. Let’s take the time to delve into your message to make it exactly what you want and what your ideal readers (what I call your soulmate circle) need the most. Our goal at Unleash Your Inner Author is for you to write and publish the most impactful book you can.


Our live, online community coaching sessions happen every of the 12-weeks. Sessions include setting intentions, teaching course materials, answering questions about homework and writing. We also discuss goal setting and celebrate everyone’s wins.



Along with community coaching, you have access to the entire 12 modules of the curriculum from the beginning. You will receive coaching each of the 12 weeks covering the curriculum, but you can also work at your own pace throughout your book-writing journey.


You will receive an invitation to join our online community, called Positively Powered, the place where we can hang out together, brainstorm, support each other, and have group and private conversations. We look forward to staying connected and supporting your questions, frustrations, and celebrations.

This course provides a framework that details every aspect of creating and publishing. Along with coaching, it provides the structure you need to focus on creating your book.  

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Every Phase of The Program: 

Your Vision/Mission

Defining the impact you want to make is a crucial first step on your journey to both becoming an author and enlivening your book.  

  • Establish your motivations, the “why” behind your story.  
  • Determine the main takeaways and benefits for your readers.  
  • Explore the key elements you want to include to communicate your message.

Your Soulmate Circle

  • Know your reader and what they need most. Define your soulmate circle so you can whole heartedly provide exactly what they need.  
  • Tell your story in a way that your readers can deeply connect with.  
  • Think about how to find and communicate with your soulmate circle. Start with the end in sight and develop a plan to grow your circle before you complete your book.  

About the Author (that’s you!)

Understanding your motivations (and fears) helps you reach your goals and to stay focused on the purpose you set out to fulfill: to help others find transformation.  

  • Clarify your book-writing dreams and long-term goals.  
  • Understand what it means for you to add “Author” to your title.  
  • Position yourself as the expert in your area. 
  • Examine the underlying fears that might block your progress. 


Through exercises and templates, we create your Roadmap 

  • Define the key concepts or themes of your book.  
  • Decide on a structure to best convey your message. 
  • Learn to make transitions so the book flows easily and readers are eager to turn the page.
  • The roadmap is the framework for your book, giving your readers a consistent experience.

Now For the Fun Part: CREATING!  

Once you have a clear foundation and the guidance of your roadmap. It’s time to create the content of the chapters.  

While you continue to work through the UYIA course work, the focus turns to delivering your message. Each coaching session will include:  

  • Celebrate! Celebrating milestones is important, so let’s start with recent wins and goals. 
  • Catch up. What has been going on for you since last time? How are you growing and what are you learning about your message or stories?  
  • Course work. We’ll review the current course work and discuss any questions or issues. 
  • New content. With your Roadmap in hand, you will record your stories, the transformation you experienced, and your advice for your soulmate circle.  
  • Goals. You will set goals at the end of each session to prepare for the next one, including how you will celebrate meeting them.  
  • Summary. After every session, you will receive a summary of our time together, which includes:

A Full Recording, Transcription, and Goals and Celebrations