What We Stand For


Written by: Amy Collette

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. Amy helps changemakers on their journey to become published authors.

My mission is to raise the positive vibration of the planet. Because that’s a pretty bold statement, I thought I should explain what that means. To me, raising the positive vibration of the planet means shining my light, which shows other people they can do the same. The light within us is positive energy, the energy of being present as your true self. Showing up is a powerful message, and with the intention to serve humanity, it becomes more powerful still.
Before finding my gratitude practice, I was living full-time in anxiety, and I didn’t feel the positive light, so I couldn’t let it shine. By practicing gratitude, I realized I had a choice to feel that light day to day and show up that way in the world (what a revelation!). When I shared my gratitude practice with other people, I saw them start to light up. And that lit a fire in me. I saw that I could make a difference, even in my small circle of friends and clients. That small group became a global circle of soulmate readers when I published The Gratitude Connection. This experience made me realize that my purpose in life is to help raise that positive vibration, one person at a time. Not by changing them, but by showing up and being myself, which is also an invitation to others.

I live my mission by coaching people with positive, empowering messages to write transformational books. In my business (Positively Powered), I’m surrounded by an incredibly talented team and an inspirational community of world-changing authors. Every author says that if they can impact just one life with their message, it’s worth it. They end up affecting many more lives than that, more than they’ll ever know.

Join Us In Raising The Positive Vibration

We’re looking to bring this movement to the world in an exponential way. If each author affects multiple lives, and those people go out and affect multiple lives in their own unique way, then we are making a real impact. We are raising the positive vibration of this planet. And that makes me very happy.

If you also have positive energy, a powerful message, and desire to share them with others, I invite you to become more involved in our author community and events in our Facebook Group Positively Powered Authors.

If all this talk about positive vibration makes you think of other change-makers you know, please invite them to our Positively Powered Authors group. We want to grow this movement to help more people take their messages to the world.

That’s what we stand for. I invite you to stand with us. 


Want to write a book but feel stuck in “I don’t know where to start?” You are not alone! In the Unleash Your Inner Author program, you will become very clear and very motivated to help raise the positive vibration as an author! Our next cohort starts soon. Intrigued? Schedule a get-to-know-you call (no pressure, we promise). 

With love and gratitude, 


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