It’s Time to Begin Your Author’s Journey 


Now really is the Best Time to Begin

You inspire the transformation of your clients and audiences through your stories. You are a bridge-builder, a space-holder. This is such important work! So important in fact, that you should be writing it down to reach a larger audience.
Becoming an author is so much more than words on a page. Can you imagine how it feels to hold that first book in your hands? Let your book transport you to the next level in your career.


Your audience is waiting, give yourself permission!

Most of our authors are speakers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who realize the value of their unique stories. Do you want to make a powerful impact, leave a legacy, inspire change? Writing a book can take you there. It will also build your confidence and your commitment to yourself and your work. Writing a book is a journey into yourself. It is intimate, challenging, and life-altering. You will want a good roadmap. And while you may not know it yet, you need a guide, a coach. Someone to anchor you, encourage you, and sometimes give you a gentle push. A book coach helps you bring out the best in your work and holds a safe space for you to totally be yourself, which is vital as you discover your authentic voice and find your cadence.

Writing a book can help you to:

  • Gain credibility

  • Expand Your Influence

  • Lead Your Tribe

  • Build Your Business

  • Broaden Your Speaking Opportunities

  • Explode Your Confidence

After that, we’ll get on a call to make sure the program is the perfect fit for you.

I would love to hear your story!



Write Your Book Without Pausing Your Life

Included in the Unleash Your Inner Author Coaching Program

Define Your Mission

Your impact is greater when you invest the time and effort into crafting a transformational experience for your readers. Defining the impact you want to make is a crucial first step.

Understand Your Soulmate Readers

Understanding the readers who want the transformational experience you can give them informs the stories you tell and how you tell them, and your increases impact.

Know Yourself as An Author

Knowing your motivations (and fears) as an author helps you reach your personal and professional goals, and step into this new role with confidence.

Create Your Roadmap for The Journey

The work of the first three sessions creates the introduction and your origin story. Clarity flows naturally from this point, resulting in a detailed roadmap for writing your book.

12-Session Coaching and Course Curriculum

Supportive Online Author Community

Not a writer? Speak Your Book Into Existence

Ongoing Writing Support and Resources

First-time authors don’t know what they don’t know.

That’s why we created the step-by-step Unleash Your Inner Author System to make sure authors deeply understand their mission, their readers, themselves as authors. Then these passion-driven writers develop a road-map to effectively tell their stories, become stronger writers, and empower their readers to make their own transformations. Once your book is written, you’ll be ready for phase two – publishing.

This Process Will Challenge & Change You.

Coaching is always an opportunity to grow. Book coaching is no different. Telling your story is personal, vulnerable, and transformational. You will come up against your barriers and fears. You will also celebrate your accomplishments and make this huge dream come true. As you change other’s lives, you’ll change your own too.

This writing coaching program is designed for leaders who are READY to step up onto a bigger stage, to be more visible, to face their fears and share their story, leaders like YOU.


Our Promise to You

We support first-time, non-fiction authors from start to finish. Along with one-on-one Coaching, we provide the Unleash Your Inner Author Course, Provide non-stop support, and help you make smart choices at every turn along the way.

Begin with the a program to help you get your book from your head onto the page. From there let our team of experts help you with the publishing phase. Finally, we help you structure your  launch and ongoing marketing. These three phases make up your author journey, and we are committed to your success throughout each phase.

  • 12-Session Coaching Program:
  • Unleash Your Inner Author Course
  • Ongoing Coaching and Writing Support
  • Author Community
  • Publishing:
  • Editing, Cover Design & Layout
  • Print & Ebook Formats
  • Distribution Platforms Setup
  • Marketing:
  • 90-Day Launch Plan 
  • Marketing Roadmap
  • Website & Social Media Consulting