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Unleash Your Inner Author provides book coaching and publishing to speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches and those who want to write nonfiction that has impact and soul.

Many of these passionate messengers are afraid they can’t make the difference they desire.  Amy Collette’s goal is for impact makers everywhere to turn their barriers into energy they can use for their momentum. This 12-week course is an opportunity for those wanting to write a book to receive the support, instruction, and accountability that will propel them to the finish line with a powerful published book they feel proud to share.


Each Cohort begins with the Roadmap, a one-month intensive to gain clarity about your mission, your soulmate readers, and yourself as an author. The result is a detailed Roadmap (book outline) that will guide you along your book-writing path.


As part of the author group you will join other writers on the writing journey. With the tools you need the writing begins along with weekly coaching. There is always time to address any barriers along the way within a supportive environment.


Our curriculum covers many details necessary for the preparation of your book for publishing. A few examples are: Author biography and photo, introduction, dedication, foreword, acknowledgements, the book blurb, and much more.

Book Writing & Coaching System

This 12-week course is an opportunity for impact makers like you to turn your barriers into energy you can use for your momentum. Receive the support, instruction, and accountability that will propel you to the finish line with a powerful manuscript you feel proud to share.

With Book Coach Amy Collette, Creator of the Unleash Your Inner Author System.

2-Day Intensive

Take a creative deep dive into clarifying your mission, audience, goals, and crafting your roadmap – 4 inspiring topics – 2days!

(limited to 4 participants)

Author Online Course

Our self-paced curriculum provides 12 interactive lessons and tools to address every part of your author journey

Weekly Coaching

Get your questions answered! Weekly group coaching provides guidance, goal setting, accountability, writing skills, and a safe space for overcoming fears and resistance.

Co-writing Sessions

Weekly focused writing time with the Unleash Your Inner Author community encourages connection and accountability.

Big Results

While the goal is to complete the first draft of your manuscript, ready for publishing services. Some choose to spend a bit more time in our weekly coaching.

What is Included

Your 12-week experience begins with our signature 2-day intensive. This process helps you to orient yourself as an author and prepare for writing the best book you can write. Next, you jump into the online curriculum paired with weekly coaching for the duration of the 12-weeks.

In addition, we offer ongoing co-writing sessions to provide an acountability container most new authors need. Amy Collette has created the Unleash Your Inner Author system based on years of experience with new authors. The 12-week time-frame provides space for you to complete the first draft of your manuscript. However, some authors prefer to continue with us as they fine-tune in an environment of support.

Your next step is to complete the brief application and then schedule time to discuss your book idea with Amy. You’ll receive an email and an invitation shortly after your application has been reviewed.

Complete our brief application then let’s talk about your book, where you are now,

and your brilliant next steps!


First-time authors don’t know what they don’t know.

That’s why we created the step-by-step Unleash Your Inner Author System to make sure authors deeply understand their mission, their readers, themselves as authors.

As a passion-driven writer you will develop a road-map to effectively tell your stories, become a stronger writer, and empower your readers to make their own transformations.

This Process Will Challenge & Change You.

Coaching is always an opportunity to grow. Book coaching is no different. Telling your story is personal, vulnerable, and transformational. You will come up against resistance and fears. You will also celebrate your accomplishments and make this huge dream come true. As you change other’s lives, and yours in the process.

Happy Authors

First, without the help of my book coach and editor, Amy Collette, it would have taken me much longer to finish the book, if I could have pulled it off at all. The clarity and focus she brought to the editing are much appreciated. She is one of the kindest, most grounding and supportive people I know. She gently but firmly guided me through this process.

Anne Feustel

Author of Our Favorite Movies

“I highly recommend Amy’s program to anyone who has the desire to write and publish a book. Amy has such experience, knowledge and wisdom, combined with spot-on intuition that is invaluable. I recommend Amy and this course to any budding author.”

Stacie Ivey

Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine

Thank you so much for who you are and how that encourages the vulnerable writer in me and puts me in touch with the writer who knows what is true.

~Diane Cox, Author of Resilient Americans: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all

Diane Cox

Author of Resilient Americans: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all

“I LOVE what you did with my book. I can’t tell you how happy I am!”


Kelly Robbins

Author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating The Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks